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Inquiry Only

This product is available by inquiry only. Please e-mail for pricing.

Bark White Paper is 79" wide and comes in 20 and 50 yard rolls. It is made of 100% cotton fiber.

Basis Weight: 250 g/m2

Caliper: 13

Smoothness: 280

Opacity: 95

Brightness: 86

PH: 7.5% (CaCO3 buffered)

“The paper is super - I love its tone and its weight and it relaxes quite well - thank you again for letting me know about it.  I'm sure I'll be wanting more in the future!” –Andrea Sulzer

We offer a volume discount for ordering multiple rolls of Bark White Paper.

Please call us at 718-752-1919 to order. You can pick up the paper at our showroom, or we will customize shipping options for you (please note: a $75 crating fee is applied to all paper orders, in addition to shipping).

If you would like us to send you a free sample of the paper, so you can check the color and weight, please call the number above or e-mail